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Pleated Blinds

IS YOUR CONSERVATORY TOO HOT? Tired of screwing your eyes up every time you look up at your conservatory roof when the sun?s out? Unable to read, watch tv or operate your computer because of the solar glare? Get your monies worth out of your conservatory by reclaiming the area to do the things you WANT to do with desres conservatory roof solutions!

Tensioned pleated blinds are ideally suited to conservatory roofs due to their neat and detailed finish particularly with regards awkward shapes. These are by far the most popular option for roof blinds. As well as benefiting from our strong, quality operating system you can also select from one of five head rail colours (white, brown, black, cream or silver). This choice will add to the great look of your desres blinds as it allows more choice in matching the head rails to your roof frame, the fabric you select or your conservatory decor.

All our pleated roof blinds incorporate a system ensuring that the pleats remain uniform and will not flatten out at the top and bunch up at the bottom. Other possibilities for conservatory roofs include roller blinds, pinoleum wood weave blinds and roof film. Our range includes special reflective backings keeping the heat out in the warmer months whilst retaining heat in the colder months.

Roof blinds are opened and closed using a twist lock pole or motorised for easier operation. Conservatory roof roller blinds and pleated blinds can be use in conjunction with the no drill holes, no screws ?Perfect Fit? system.

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