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Panel Blinds

Panel blinds exude an ambience of style and chic. Supplied with a robust white head rail at the top, the fabric panels are attached using high quality velco. This allows colour schemes to be changed very easily without removing the track. Eyelets and braids can be added to panels to create a unique effect or to blend in with your existing themes and styles

The fabric hangs the same as a vertical blind but with two distinct characteristics. The slat or panel size is wider, ranging from 150mm to a maximum of 1750mm, and there is no tilt function. Panels can be either free floating so that they can be moved individually or connected so that the panels draw at the same time with the use of a pull cord or wand The number of panels on your blind can be between 3 and 8.

Panel blinds are an attractive alternative to verticals and are ideal for French/patio doors, wide floor to ceiling windows and as room dividers.

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