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Conservatory Blinds

Is your Conservatory too hot? Tired of screwing your eyes up every time you look up at your conservatory roof when the sun is out? Unable to read, watch TV or see what’s on your computer screen because of the solar glare? It’s time to reclaim the room to do the things you want to do – with desres conservatory roof solutions!

Tensioned pleated blinds are the best suited for conservatory roofs. Mostly any type of blinds are suitable for the side windows. Roof blinds are operated manually via pole with twist-lock system or by motorised option.

Our pleated fabrics provide a stylish and very practical dual solution for temperature reduction in the warmer months, and heat retention in colder weather. Roof blinds also come in pinolium wood weave and roller styles. Window film is also available.

Pleated and roller conservatory roof blinds are available in the no-drill no-screws Perfect Fit system.

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